No Tidal this morning

“Network error contacting Tidal server Code 0, login error 1”. I’m using Audirvana version 3700. Everything worked through last night. Thanks for any comments.

Hello @gefski,

Have you tried to reconnect your Tidal account in Audirvana settings?

Yes, in preferences. Same error message when I start Audirvana or try to start in preferences.

Can you check on Tidal website if you have an issue with your account?

Hi Damien
Checked Tidal separately (off Audirvana) and was able to sign in and play music. I see I’ve been ignoring the Audirvana 3701 update (I have 3700), so went ahead and did it. As soon as it completed, Tidal clicked in and works on Audirvana. Just to make sure, I rebooted Mac and everything works.
Thank you, Glenn

Same here - A+ 1.3.9 - Win 10 - it used to work. ???