No "title" displayed in iOS Remote App with a large screen iOS

I like Audirvana a lot and have very little to criticize.
Since latest updates I found one issue very annoying, but had been waiting to see if it gets fixed.

My system:
MacBookPro MacOS 10.14.6,
Audirvana 3.5.29(3559),
iPhone 4,7" os 12.4.4 as remote control

As an example here:
Title/Track: Days are still long
Artist/Künstler: Larry Diehl
Album/Alben: Close to the soul

As one can see, in the detailed view there is no title displayed. Instead you get the name of the album on top again. Can this be corrected?

On a larger screen as of the iPad (see below), this issue does not exist, there is the Album on top and either beside or above the control buttons title and artist is shown.

Thanks & best regards Manfred

Hello @EMW, Are you using the latest version of the Remote? Your using an iPhone 7?

Thx Damien for coming back to my question - Yes, I‘m using latest version of APP and an iPhone 6. But it’s the same on an iPhone 8. This is why I said 4,7“ screen.

PS: will not give up my iPhone 6 as my music playback and control device, since it still has a 3,5mm headphone jack and I can use my inear directly.

Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall Audirvana? We tried on two iphone 6 here and we had all of the information displayed in the currently playing pannel.

Do you mean uninstall app on iPhone or uninstall A3+ on MacBookPro?

Sorry, i meant the Remote

I did uninstall and reinstall, no difference.
But I found the issue.
I use not the standard display setting, I use the enlarged settings.
At my age it is easier to read in this setting.

Have changed it to standard and it shows the title, but not fully only the middle part of the text, see below.
I think a better arrangement could be found.

as a comparison attached the view with enlarged settings

Damien, I would do it as Tidal is doing it, see below, title always displayed, but not the album, since you see album cover and there one can read the album.