Noise issue at end of track in Kernel Streaming Mode

Hi, I used trial version of Audirvana origin, and I am really positive about this program.
But there is one issue that makes me hesitant to purchase.

The problem is when I use Kerenel Streming mode, there is a short noise at the end of track before the next track starts.
(The short noise is exactly the sound of the starting point of another track)

I also tried most of the recommendations to solve this isuue, like turn on ‘Mute during sample rate change’, change pre-load cache, etc. but it doesn’t affect for me.

WASAPI, ASIO mode was fine, there was no problem but I want to use Kernel Streaming because this sounds is best to me.

I would like to ask if there is any solution to solve this problem or do have plans to fix this issue in next version.

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I have the same problem and the same question if this problem will be solved in the future? JRiver Media Center does not have this problem when I use Kernel Streaming mode.

I have the same issue in Kernel Streaming mode. Very annoying.
I hope Audirvana development tem will pick this up and come with a solution.

I posted in a different thread about this issue which also affected me. I have found that if the volume control in Audirvana is turned ON this problem goes away. No need to actually use the volume control so set it at 0.0db and the sound quality will not be affected. N.B. The default setting for the volume control is ‘off’. I hope it works for you


See my response to AVAY below. Hope it helps.