Noise playing back HDTracks "Soundgarden" "Superunknown" track

Not sure if I put this in the correct category.

I am experiencing an odd problem paying back the track “Superunknown” from the new release of “Superunknown” by Soundgarden from HDTracks. I have tried the track downloading the FLAC, WAV and ALAC versions. The track is 192KHz 24bit. When the track starts to play there is a lot of noise almost alike static in the right channel where there should be silence. I have played this track back with JRiver Mediacenter 27 as well with similar results. The output device is the iFi Zen DAC. When I configured mediacenter to play the track back but upsample it to 384KHz 24-bit it played back flawlessly. I also resampled the track to 96KHz 24-bit using XLD and that file played back flawlessly. I suspect some issue in both MC and Audirvana perhaps in a third party library they share.

Other songs on the same album have varying similar problems where the noise is not as prominent.
I have other albums from HDTracks that are ALAC 192KHz 24-bit and they work perfectly with no added noise.

All this on Windows 10 X64 2004 with the exception of the resampling done with XLD which was done on the Mac.

Any ideas?

It’s more likely to be an issue with your DAC. Have you tried with another DAC?

I have exactly the same problem. Also iFi ZEN DAC, Album Superunknown. I think it really is the DAC as this does not happen with internal MacBook Pro DAC or FiiO M11.

I submitted a sample to the DAC manufacturer weeks ago and no response after they acknowledged they received it. I have played the track with the topping D50s without problems