Noise When Starting DSD Upsampled Playback

I’m getting a hideous loud burst of noise at initial start when I being playing back an album that has been upsampled to DSD and is being sent to a Topping d90 DAC with the ASIO driver (DSD upsampling not available with the Wasapi driver). The rest of an album will play fine, it’s just when the initial playback starts until it is stopped. This problem seems to be particular to the Audirvana software. Upsampling to DSD in JRiver and using the ASIO driver for the same DAC produces no problems of this sort whatsoever. I see earlier support threads in which the driver is supposedly the problem, but considering I’m using the same DAC and same driver, but only difference being JRiver as the software player vs. Audirvana, my guess is that is that the problem relates to something other than the driver. I see others have had related and similar issues with various DACs and DSD upsampling. Has there been any additional effort to fix this? Or do I have to switch to JRiver or some other playback software?

You can try to play with the mute on sample rate change and the latency.

Have you tried to play native DSD files? Do you have the same issue with those?

Really ? It’s a joke ?!

I have the same problem with my TEAC UD 501 since many many time … and no fix.

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