Noise with SOTM SMS-200 when streaming

Hi there. So zero issue connecting while streaming A+ with my SMS-200. Excellent, right!?

When playing music- it’s perfect-- no dropouts or clicks etc! But when NOT playing music-- i.e. after pressing ‘stop’ or skipping from one track to another, or switching albums or waiting for next album to start after clicking on it-- basically any time there should be ‘digital silence’ there is an annoying electronic ‘buzzing’ sound. Its a continuous electronic beep or buzz. The noise starts as soon as you press stop or skip a track, but STOPS as soon as music plays! (After a few album changes though, I have had A+ freeze up entirely and the buzzing remains. I have to restart the SMS 200 or restart my mac mini etc to get rid of it).

This is pretty baffling as Audirvana DOES play the actual music as it is supposed to.

If it helps, I am selecting (and playing) the ‘MPD & DLNA’ icon on the eunhasu page you go to for control of the SOTM and I’m using a Mac mini (2012 I think) with my SOTM.

By the way-- without the renderer A+ plays beautifully from my mac mini-- no issue. WITH the streaming function enabled to the SMS-- pure music with equally pure (and annoying) noise in between.

So is this a ‘known issue?’ Or am I a pioneer here (and not in a good way:) Audirvana plus is my favorite music player and has been for years and I think it is still ahead of Roon in this way- but when I stream with Roon-- zero noise and zero issue.

Any help so i can get started streaming noise-free with A+ would be great! Soooo close and yet… soooo far…