Non determinism and strange behaviour when importing an album

Dear all,
I would like to report on something I observed today, and which is quite weird to say the least.

I have an album, made of 3 disks, with a total of 68 tracks. That album has a title “Title” and a list of Album artists “Album Artist1 … Albumartist7”.

I imported (Or tried to) that album and I got that result:

  • All tracks but one (Track#6) were linked to one album with the right title and the full list of Album artist.
  • Track#6 was part of another album with a truncated title, and a partial list of Album artist.
  • I tried to change the album name but I could not.

I removed that album from the library and restarted the import:

  • Same result for now, it was track #4

Next try: Track#6, again

Yet another try: Track #1

That is pretty weird, isn’t it? Another mystery of the AS import facility?

Ooops, something important; the tagging of the original audio files IS FULLY CORRECT (Correct title and correct “Album artist”) for ALL TRACKS!!

It is seems I got myself into the same case with singles and albums missing or maybe not registered under the same meta. Curiously it work with others tools so maybe something specific about how audirvana group content. Yet it is not a new product so maybe a small but unknown bug.

Thanks Solido for your feedback. Indeed, it seems there are strange things in the way Audirvana processes audio files and album. I tried to figure out how the whole thing is working but could not get the entire picture.

In the reported case, I tried a few other tricks, which sometimes work:

  • Manually update the “artist album” list that was not complete for one track (not always the same as reported above): I could update it using the AS HMI but this did not change anything,
  • Delete the track from the sync folder and put a new copy of the file: no change.

Finally, I decided to remove the entire album from the sync folder (AS resync the whole thing and remove the album from the list).
And, I copied it again to the sync folder, and this time, that worked.

Once again, that would be highly appreciated but some users (Me, for example ;-)) to have a log file to understand what is happening during the sync phase.
What could also be interesting would be to have a dedicated tool that could check (Independently and of course without using the same algorithm as AS) the content of the MySQL DB with respect to the content of the sync folders.