None of the lists scroll all the way through

Whether I am in Artists, Albums, etc., I can never scroll through a complete list. It always stops scrolling through my music at some point, usually early on, and then always stops at that exact point.

I have the Android version of the remote software.

Hello @Mesonto, do you mean it’s stop at this specific point every time when you scroll?

Yes it will stop a specific Artist, album, etc., everytime when it finally stops scrolling but that Artist, album, etc., will be different everytime the app is launched. (Per app launch / listening session)

i.e. once the application is launched and I start scrolling it will stop on the 45th artist, and the next time I have a listening session it will stop on on the 201st artist, and the next listening session it may stop on the 153rd artist, etc. Random for every listening session.

So if I have been able to scroll to the artist “Beck” I can never (without using the search functionality) get to the artist “Billy Idol” for the rest of my listing session. I would have to reboot to get somewhere different.

Btw, this is why I desperately want an alphabetical jump list in this app)

Okay, to be clear with your issue can you screen record it and send it here?

Have no clue how to do this on my phone. Sorry. But what I wrote is accurate, what don’t you understand, or what wasn’t clear? I will try and clarify.

I wanted to know where you are in the Remote when you have this issue, are you in the Favorites? I would like to reproduce this issue on my side.

No, I’m not in the favourites, because I don’t have enough favourites to scroll through. I’m in one of the normal categories of our album artist etc. In those categories I have thousands of albums hundreds of artists…

I am also unable to scroll to the end of any list.