Noob Questions Marantz PM7000N

Hello, I’ve tried searching and not making much headway.

Very inexperienced in streaming technology, so please be kind.

I have recently purchased the PM7000N and overall am quite pleased with the quality of the sound.

I have the Heos App on my mobile and that works reasonably well for Tidal, Internet Radio,

  1. What I would like to do is to be able to control what is playing on the Marantz from an application on my PC. (I can use Spotify fine, but that’s its own thing of course.)

I think the Audirvana software should just see the Marantz on the network section of the devices? But it isn’t listed there. I have a wired ethernet connection - both the PC and the Marantz are wired. I have turned off my Windows 10 firewall to try to diagnose what’s going wrong.

Audirvana finds my PC audio devices fine and I am playing out via my FiiO K5 Pro at high res and it sounds lovely.

  1. This is a minor issue, but when playing media from the Maranz Remote or Heos Android App - Music Servers - which finds my PC Media Server - it doesn’t show all the files in the albums sometimes. Is that an indexing issue on the Media Server, and if so, how would I resolve that?

Any help with these two issues would be very much appreciated.
Thanks, Craig.

Hello @gava, you are right, you should be able to see your Marantz in the audio output selection in Audirvana. Do you have something like Media server or Network on the remote controller of your Marantz?

Yes there is Network->Network & USB-A which can be enabled or disabled. If disabled the Heos App can’t find the device.

I think perhaps that it’s a new strategic choice - it only has a Heos server and no standard DLNA renderer on board. This is the first Marantz streamer with Heos built in apparently.

It does have Airplay, but that’s not great.

Unfortunately I think the answer is going to be that it may still be worth buying the Audirvana license for its PC features, but there isn’t going to be a way to use it to control the PM7000N. Control will have to be either from the remote or from the Heos mobile app.

The Heos API is available so perhaps Audirvana might consider a plugin or support for Heos at some point.


I also own the Marantz PM7000N and it’s a nice combo player and stereo amplifier if paired with the right set of speakers.

This device fully implements DLNA renderer among other things.

@Antoine was correct asking if you had a media server on your network. The media server would index your media files and show the artists, albums etc provided your media is tagged properly.

This Marantz can also act as a Dlna media server for other renderers and control points on your network.

I have a feeling that you maybe setup a connection to an SMB file share using the HEOS app to your network share that’s why you are seeing a flat list? Or your media is not tagged.

As far as Audirvana goes it sees the pm7000n as a dlna renderer and can send flac and other streams to it. Audirvana doesn’t recognize its DSD ability so that doesn’t work natively. Audirvana also for some reason makes the pm7000n show up 5 or 6 times
In the output selector. I think it mistakenly shows every input on the Marantz as an output.

And another thing. Audirvana is not a dlna media server so your music collection from Audirvana won’t show up in the heos app.

Thank you all for the help.

@VoyagerDude What speakers are you using with it?

I ended up with the KEF LS50 which I really like, pretty hard to drive, but I added a Rel Acoustics sub which takes enough of the load off that the amplifier has more than sufficient power for the volumes I listen at. I absolutely love the combination of the PM7000N + LS50 + T/5i, honestly I’m much happier with it that a lot of stuff that I was auditioning at twice the overall price or even more.

I am happy to use my PC as a media server, it’s on all the time. For the moment just using the in-built Windows media server. I tried JRiver but wasn’t blown away. I only want it for audio, are there any others I should try?

Yes, I have now read that. Lots to learn.

What is the correct description of the interface implemented on the Marantz for Audirvana to be able to “push” audio from the application?

Very cool combo.
I’m using the PM7000N in my home office, which is a large open area, with just a pair of Martin Logan Motion 35XTi in gloss white. I was thinking about getting a sub but after a few months of playing, they developed enough bass.

For a media server I’m just using the media server built-in to the Synology NAS, it does the trick.
Some people also like Minim, Twonky and others. Depends how much tweaking you are into.
For a dead-simple media server I also run a Linn Kazoo Server on a windows pc (

Ooh those look very nice.

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