Not able to connect Tidal to Audirvana

I have changed from Audirvana Plus to Audirvana. All was working fine. I have now changed my Tidal account. In Audirvana when I try to connect to Tidal, it takes me to the Tidal website for entering the email address and password of the account. After that the website directs me to the Audirvana Plus App to connect the Tidal account.
Whatever I do I cannot enter the Tidal account details in Audirvana.

What a real mess!
Could someone help please.


Hello @Mishmash04, this means you have an old version of Audirvana in your computer, you need to uninstall it since there is a conflict with the 3.5 version of Audirvana.

Hi Damien,
I really did not understand. The version of Audirvana I have is 3.5.33 which the app tells me is the latest version.
As I explained - when I am trying to connect to Tidal on the Audirvana app, it directs me to the Tidal site. After I log into the Tidal site it directs me to Audirvana Plus which I am not using anymore as I switched to Audirvana some time back and set up everything.
Hence your note is not clear to me.


Can you make a screenshot of your Application folder of Finder?

Here you go.

Do you see Audirvana Plus? This is the old version i was talking about. You just need to remove it to get Audirvana 3.5 working properly.

Additionally as I mentioned - Audirvana/Tidal was working perfectly until today when I logged out of Tidal (on Audirvana) and tried to connect again to Tidal (on Audirvana).
I hope I have been able to explain the problem clearly.

ok I will try that…

OK thanks Damien…works fine now.

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Hi, I’m using version 3.5. Because my Windows 10 can only be installed on audirvana plus. Tidal has gone smoothly until yesterday. I changed the password. I just can’t get in. Did you find a solution?

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