Not able to play 176.4kHz file.

I have an issue with the new A+ V3.15. I can play files that are 24bit 192kHz through my Arcam irDac with no problems. But I have a version of Alan Parsons - A Turn of a Friendly Card which is 24bit and 176.4kHz (downloaded via HD Tracks), which won’t play, but it did play on the previous version. Now if I play these files, A+ shows that they are playing, but the display light on my DAC briefly goes to green, but then immediately goes back to red, and silence is all that can heard through my speakers.

I don’t think its my DAC (192kHz files play after all), so I’m not sure what’s going on.

Any ideas out there?

Just to add to the conundrum I can play these files through my DAC via iTunes, so I guess it is an issue with A+