Not adding all tracks of an album

I purchased an album from NativeDSD. It has 9 tracks but only 8 show up. Track 3 does not show. I tried another DSD player to test and it shows in there. Does anyone have this issue?

You are on a PC ?
And the file is more than 2gb ?

Yes. Windows. Its 2.54GB. Please don’t tell me that audirvana cant read the file but other players can. :slight_smile:

It is a Bug and @Antoine knows it, they are some threads on that subject here…

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I just went though them. This has been an issue it seems since 2020 and it still hasn’t been fixed. Other players can read them. That sucks.

I did put in a ticket. Thanks for the heads up!!!

Also if this isn’t fixed soon as it has been more than a year that they have had this issue I am switching to another player. I am not wasting money on DSD albums and cant play them.

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