Not all album show at the remote

I downloaded the Audirvana trial version to test and love it. I am planning to buy it but find out the remote didn’t show all my album. Every time I add an album and the last one on the list will be lost. Is there limitation on the Trial version or just something wrong with the remote program?

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My new albums are all being seen in the remote also…
there is no limitations with the trial…
i’m with ios last system and iPhone11

I am use IOS server and the android remote. Is it that cause the problem?

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Hello @hayming77, can you make some screenshots of the issue you have?

After i upload another album, the last one of the list will be lost

around 20 album didn’t show at the remote. but it shows in the audirvana program in the MacBook

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Hello @hayming77,

Can you remove the filter you have activated?

Filter removed and still has the problem

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Is it there is a limitation of the album show in the Remote? it only show 1000 album at the remote. the rest is not showing up there.

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Are you using the latest version of Audirvana?

I’m having the same problem here too. Also won’t show all songs listed in Qobuz grand selection . I select a song to play it plays the song below it. Tonight it just skip to another track all by itself. Then the remote times itself out where I had to close it and reopen it to get it to work.

Yes I use the latest version. I have problem on both of Android deceives. I burrowed my friend’s ipad 6th. It works without the problem and show up all the songs.

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What is the sorting criteria you have selected for your Albums in the Remote? You can see this in the setting tab of the Remote.

On the other hand, what is the setting you have for your Album in Audirvana settings?

Tracks lists sort - Album
Album Sort Artist Year Title

Try few different combination, Still only show 1000 Album.

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Hello @hayming77,

In Audirvana, do you see all of your Albums?

Most definitely I am using the latest software

For albums it’s title> Artist

And for tracklist it’s album

yes, it show all the album and artist without any problem