Not all albums from the same directory are imported into the library

Dear all,

I found something really strange today. It certainly existed in my library for a long time before I discovered it.

I have a directory that contains 51 ALbums into subdirs. Only 5 of them are imported into Aurdivana (CD1/2/8/16/26).
I tried to figure out why the import is incomplete but did not find anything clear.
Each individual directory can be successfully inserted and read into the playlist, and even the full set of albums can be inserted for playing into Audirvana.
I looked at specific cases and did not find what makes a difference between a working album and a not working one. All of them have been created with the same tool and contains tracks, cue file and image files.
I do not see any error reported by Audirvana related to those files.

That’s pretty strange.

I dream that Audirvana could provide a detailed log of the library sync…

Best regards

Search for the songs. Those “missing” might have been added to another album.

Thanks Bitracer,

Actually, it appeared that out of the 51 CDs, 6 of them did not have the same album title athough they were all parts of the collection.
Regarding the search for a specific title, I noticed some strange things:
1- One track has the following title: Italian Concerto in F, BWV 971 - 1. Allegro
2- Search for that name precisely returns … nothing.
3- Remove the space before the 1. and it matches.

On top of that, when there is a collection of several CDs, it could be easier to have all albums separated instead of having all tracks in the same list separated by disk number. When you have to browse through the full list, it’s a bit painful.


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