Not importing all songs into the same album / artist

Using Mac Version 3.5.41. I have found two problems that bothers me.
No. 1
When importing some albums Audirvana creates a duplicate album with some some of the songs in the second one. Tried reimporting and also rescanning the musik folder I have without success. Metadata is exactly the same for all the files. How can I get all the files into one album. On the disk the files are in the same folder.

No. 2

Similar problem with some Céline Dion albums.
I get two separate artists for Céline Dion. For one of them there is only one album and all the other sorted under the First Céline Dion artist. This has been an error since long with also earlier versions.
I have not been able to solve this problem.

Does anybody have an idea on how to solve these problems? I appreciate help on this.

Check the accented characters carefully. It’s usually that.

Hi Bitracer,

Thanks, but
Re: Problem 2: I did check the accented characters and made sure they are exactly the same. Unfortunately, It did not help solve the problem.

Re: Problem 1: The songs, album and artist does not have any accented characters. so it is a different cause.

Move your window of Audirvana a bit out of the screen to see your desktop open the split album in the finder to see his cover.jpg if you have one, if not, find one on Google… put it in the folder of split album then drag the cover.jpg to the two album cover icon in Audirvana window library… sometimes small different in covers make them split or it is not embedded in the files.

For Céline, when on an album, click her name to see all her albums and open the tag panel on the right to see how artist name and sort name are… check then the second artist of Céline the same

Hi RunHomeslow,

Thanks for the tips. It worked out. For Céline Dion the name looked the same but when I opted the name to the other album it worked.