Not really convinced

Hi all,

To be honest, I don’t like the new look at all. All the new features are not fitting my requirements, because I have my MacBook connected to my music system and need to connect with a remote application. So all the GUI improvements are not really worth it. Also the radio list is also not important, because I simply use an iPad with Bluetooth connected to my receiver to stream any radio. I have tried out Tidal compared with Audirvana and the difference in sound quality is minimal, at least on my system. So if Tidal Connect is also available for the macOS App, or even if Apple Music also supports HiFi like Tidal does, with the advantage, that Music also can handle local HiRes (ALAC) files, then one of those might be an alternative. So currently I’m happy with 3.5 and I will use it as long as it’s compatible with macOS.