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Still no way to stop the “plays with audirvana” pop up appearing every time i change DAC, also, still no way for audirvana to remember my settings for each DAC… both these issues are annoying,…

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And, may I add, probably simple to fix.

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Unfortunately seemingly no further forward progress is forthcoming. The years have passed by and I just don’t see any advantage over 3.5 Enjoy it as best you can with the current capabilities, at least with Orgin you have no ongoing subscription costs.
Take Care Red

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After my initial hesitation, I prefer Origin over 3.5, just for the look.
I still run 3.5, for the memories🤣

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Yeah, like an old flame you just can’t forget. You just know she was a bit passed her prime, but certainly knew her stuff :rofl:


Aaaaaanndd, yet another update hasn’t addressed this annoying issue. :angry:

HI @reddog1,

I talked about this with Damien; it also annoys me a lot (trust me, since I tested some of the PWA devices, it’s started to be a PIA when I constantly switch from one to another).

We will do it in the next update, as we had to release the last one before the end of last week.

Update: We also need to add it to the remote app so that it will take longer. I can’t tell you when it will be in Audirvāna.

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Thank you… :sweat_smile: