Not recognized as a customer

Despite selecting to try origin (for 30 days as your advertisement states), I get back a login for studio. Re-register under the same email address I paid for already – twice – and no discounts show up.

What happened to this company? This was once the benchmark software and an easy company to interact with. Now I am a stranger to you.

Your communications are inconsistent and inaccurate.

Was this company sold to someone trying to monetize an investment without any other goal?

If not, you have a lot of work to do.

Very sad, but true …

Just send an email to they will sort it out.

Hello @jsalino,

Based on what I can see, you do have a trial for Audirvāna Studio for the account you created with the mail you use to connect to the forum.

Please download Audirvāna Origin using this link: Download Origin - Audirvana

Can you please give use the order reference you have for those purchase?

You may thought that we created an account for you automatically but that’s not the case. When you purchased older version of Audirvāna, no account has been created. Now that you have an account, we can properly see what you purchased easily since your mail is linked to an older purchase.

This company has not been sold to anyone. We are proud to be a French independent company.

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Hello @jsalino,

I received your order reference by mail. It’s from an old version of Audirvāna so in your account at My Audirvana Account, you should see the preferred price for the purchase of Audirvāna Origin.