Not seeing SonEQ after sw install in Audirvana

I have Peachtree powered speakers with builtin Dac which I select as my output. I have installed the VST3 plugin and restarted my iMac then Audirvana but do not see the VST3 Plug in option in Audirvana.

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Hello I have the same Issue
i try several plugging and none of them are listed in the plugin list of audirvana
Are their any special steps to do?

Same here with my MacBook Pro running Catalina. I wonder if the plug in is not compatible with Catalina. If it is, it did not give any error messages when installing SonEQ for Mac. So not sure what’s up.

Update: Installed a second time. Now I see SonEQ as an option under “Use Audio Unit Effects” within Signal Processing (it was not there after the initial install and reboot). Hope others have similar success.


I actually installed it 2 or 3 times. I forget the exact wording, but said something like upgrade as if it was installed but not seeing in Audirvana

Hello @randyps65, @sdo,@ssandhaus,

Audirvana only support Audio Unit plugin on its MacOS version, that’s why in the settings Signal Processing Version you see “Use Audio Unit Effects” and no mention of VST3. VST3 can only be used with the Windows 10 version of Audirvana.

Can you try to install the SonEQ with the AU version?

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Yes it’s there now thank you