Number of installations with a license

(Windows 10)
I would like to use Audirvana on 2 computers. I’d like to know if the following configuration is covered by the license:

  • One computer is in the office and there I’d use Audirvana just occasionally. It’s just one user on this computer who uses Audirvana.

  • One computer is dedicated for music. It has 2 users: me and guests/children. Both users would use Audirvana. I am a user because I can do everything including modifications to files. Guests/children have another user account with read-only acces to the files and therefore it’s safe because they can play music but can’t do anything harmful to music files.

So in total it’s 2 computers with 3 Audirvana installations - 1 computer with 1 user, 1 computer with 2 users. Just for me, my children and guests, so in principle it’s just me! Is this OK or not?

Thank you in advance for information, Martin

If it works… i guest yes :grinning:

However it doesn’t really work with the 3 installations on 2 computers. But before I go into details I would like to know what is intended by the license.

Now it works with the 3 installations on the 2 computers. Perfect.