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I intend to buy Audirvana. It looks and sounds god to me. But: On my Mac-Book pro are two User (my wife and me) and die Mac Desktop I use personally. On the Mac-Book only one account will work. That seems not sufficient, because my spouse wants to hear music to0. What to do - beside buying two licenses, what i not intend to do.



Hello @bwassmann,

You can use Audirvana on your two session, it’s not really convenient but its possible. To do this you will need to move your preference file to the other user EACH TIME you want to use Audirvana. If you really want to do this here is were your preferences files are stored : /Users/yourusername/Library/Preferences

You need to move those files:


My old Mac is dead but there seems to be a licence running on it. How can I remove this licence in order to enter the license on the new Mac?

Thanks for replying en greetings Bert