Odd Mac output to iFI Zen dac

I have a USB connection to an iFi Zen Dac, then to my powered speakers. Have the latest Catalina build and latest Audirvana version. Weird thing is in Audirvana under Output or Audio Settings it shows the iFI dac and plays through it to my powered speakers, but on top of Mac menu the audio icon says set to internal speakers? and won’t let me select the iFi dac? Last time I checked the Mac would let me select the iFi dac, is it something new to the latest Audirvana? Audirvana is version 3.5.42

It’s totally normal. When you use Audirvana, it takes control of the audio output of your Mac (i.e. your DAC) during playback to be able to implement its sound signal optimizations.

Thus no other application (such as Chrome, Firefox, etc…) can send sound to the audio device used by Audirvana until it is in Stop mode.

If another application still tries to send sound during playback, macOS will try to find another available audio device for it.

When playback stops, Audirvana restores access to the audio device, and any other application can then use it.

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