Offer to ugrade from legacy version to Studio Classic?

Seems that there is an offer to upgrade, but is it correct that you first have to buy Origin, and then you can start a subscription for Studio Classic? Is it any point to have both?

Hi @Cyberkul,

You do not have to buy Audirvāna Origin to get the preferred offer for Audirvāna Studio Āccess. There is no offer for Audirvāna Studio Classic, whether you bought Audirvāna Origin or a legacy version in the past.

From Audirvāna Studio/Origin Price :

You can get your first year Studio Āccess for 49,99 € if you own a license of Audirvāna and purchase Audirvāna Origin for 89,99 € (or equivalent in your currency). To benefit from this offers, start a trial using the same email address you have used to purchase Audirvāna in the first place and go to your account section in the settings or on

Hi @Antoine

To be honest, I can see the confusion in the statement:

Perhaps it may be better if the purchase/licensing costs for Studio and Origin are separated?
Apologies if I’ve misread👍

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Yes, confusing. I ment offer for Studio Access. I used the Legacy version for a while, but could never get rid of the program not starting up problem. Since then I have used Roon for about a year,

I have been using Audirvana for a long time.
Today I have the previous version and Origin.

I intend to test Studio for a year taking advantage of the discount.
If there was a version like Origin and more Qobuz, I would buy it immediately.

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The obvious reason is that fundamentally, Orign is the core of both Studio Classic and Studio Access which are subscription based,
Origin is a one-time purchase and and when upgrading to the Studio Access elements/features you will get a one-year discount on the annual subscription fee after the purchase of Origin.

It seems it is a matter of choice of subscription… I guess for those just trying Studio Classic for a couple of months, there is some rationale to go month-to-month… However this doesn’t make much sense if one is satisfied with Origin performance, to not just make the leap and pay for the annual subscription fee for Studio Access.

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I get what you are talking about, it can be confusing. I will check next week to change this.

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I updated the page, let me know how you find the sentence :wink:

Hi @Antoine

Looks the same to me:

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My suggestion:

Dear Audirvāna User,

If you are an existing Audirvana license holder you can get your first years subscription to Studio Āccess for £44.99, a saving of £20 on your first years subscription.
Alternatively if you own a license of Audirvāna you can purchase Audirvāna Origin for £74.99, a saving of £25.
To benefit from either of these offers, start a trial using the same email adress you have used to purchase Audirvāna in the first place and go to your account section in the settings or on

you will need to clear the cache for :wink:

Yep, I’ve done that but still reads the same on my PC, and also my iPhone.
Perhaps another forum user could check?

This is what I see today…


Cheers @Agoldnear

After a second cache clearance and restart, that’s also what I see now .
Thanks for checking fella :+1:


Yes, the text is now ok, I think :slight_smile: In the next step, I`m offered the annual subscription for NOK 499,- (regular is NOK 699,-) The next step after I must fill in my credit card credentials. Is a free trial only for new customers without a previous legacy version?

Everyone can get a free trial of Audirvāna Studio/Audirvāna Origin, wheter you are an existing customer or not :wink:

It didn’t work for me.
All my Audirvana products have been purchased and I recently installed Studio.
It only worked when I paid.
I signed up for a discounted subscription for a year.

I think then I would be entitled to another month. :+1:

I read somewhere that credit card information is not necessary to get the free trial, but I can’t find any other way to the download than through the “purchase” dialog.

Which dialog are you talking about? Can you give me the page where you see this? :thinking:

Hm… I searched through old email to try to find the license number for the legacy version. Didn’t find it, should I ask customer support? Anyway, It seems that I already downloaded the trial for the studio version in November 2021. Probably the reason for not seeing the free trial?

Exactly, when you created your account, the trial started, which is why you get this behavior :wink:

I can give you another trial if you want to :slight_smile: