Official 1.0 release

Why are you ignoring this topic Damien? Is the introductory price a slip of the pen?

I bought the license and paid $ 74

Mine is expired. :smiley: (I’m Dutch)
Waiting for the remote and the Reduced Launching Price of course.

Just curious. I’ve scoured this thread and I cannot see anything with Damien’s signature on it which talks about a ‘special’ launch price. Where are you all seeing this?

Someone joked about special price and everybody took it seriously ))

This is currently a 1.0 release, with not all the features I intend to develop in it.
That’s why the current price is a launch one to reward the users who purchase now, supporting the development of my product.
The end date of the launch price period will be given later.

Hi Damien

My main future use of Audirvana would be to stream to a network player using DLNA, controlling Audirvana from my phone. I gather the Mac version does this at the moment. I would like to confirm that this is planned for the future. Thanks.

The Windows version does stream to a network player using UPnP/DLNA. And control with the iOS remote is planned.

How do I do that (stream to a remote player)?

EDIT: I should clarify that I am referring to streaming local content to another player in the home. So not Quobuz/HRA/Tidal.

click on ‘‘audio device settings’’ and select your remote device from the drop down window.

UPnP/DLNA working well on my set up :smiley:

Ah! Thanks. There was some kind of firewall issue going on. Disabling firewall sorted it. I’ll now sort out the correct settings!