Offline Mode irritation

I occasionally get an “Offline Mode” message:

This happens when waking my 2017 iMac from sleep and I’m guessing it’s because it takes a few seconds for my computer ethernet connection to become active and AS fails on its first attempt to communicate with Qobuz.

Restarting AS reconnects AS to Qobuz but restarting requires several minutes of frustrating delay while the albums load as the beach ball spins.

The simple solution is for me to wait a few minutes after waking my computer before attempting to use AS.

But the best solution would be for AS to retry it’s connection a few seconds after the first failure to connect.

Hello, can you please use the three option you have in the maintenance section of Local Audirvāna Studio settings?

I ran the three maintenance options, and after completion and restart, I saw a big improvement in the load time. I was able to scroll through my album view without the spinning ball delay.

Thank you, and please mark this issue as solved.

Plus I think Norton traffic monitoring was interfering with my connection initializing after sleep somehow. I unloaded Norton and haven’t seen the disconnect problem for the last 4-5 wake-ups.

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