Old albums for new

Hi. Just recently Audirvana has started putting albums I have owned for a while at the top of the list after I have played them, as if they were newly added. I have my albums view sorted by date added. Not sure why this has suddenly happened.

Hello @Northernlights,

Can you do a screenshot of your sorting criteria in Audirvana settings?

Hi @Antoine. Sure. Here is one attached - I hope.

If you go in one of the album at the top of your library and add the column “Added Date”(you need to do a right click on artist column header), do you see the date of today?

Yes I do see today’s date. And it’s an album that has been in my library for probably about a year now, but I played it last night. And after a scan of the library this morning it appeared as the most recent album in album view.

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