Old style V1 interface in latest Audirvana + manual play

Is it possible to switch UI in latest version to old style - V1 interface and use it in manual mode without organizing library?
I need to browse to particular folder on my NAS and pick and play single tracks.
Old style interface was ideal for this job.
Or maybe it is called now “manual playlist”?

I do not know if you are on Windows or MacOs.
On MacOs, you can Right-Click a music track in the finder, and choose to open and play it in Audirvana.
No more is needed.

I’m on Mac.
Tried old versions of Audirvana and V1 interface did a job for me nicely. I do not need all the sophistication of nice libraries views etc. Just pick a file from V1 interface and play. Simple , I’m simple person.

Simple is often wise… :smile:

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