Older versions of Audirvāna Studio/Origin

Hi @Antoine
Would it be possible to make legacy versions of Studio and Origin available for download from the website. I’m sure those that upgrade and run into difficulties would sooner revert to a previous working version as opposed to waiting for a fix to the new update?!

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you don’t maintain the older versions, but leave them on the server or in a dropbox with their number… it is a small apps so that doesn’t take too much place.

For me on a Mac, it can be install from the account menu of Origin, but i switch that pref at off… since i see here when a new release is done… but still on Mac other people that let the software update automatically, after i would go the my account webpage and download the .dmg and keep them all version as a backup, just in case :slight_smile:
Windows is different i think there is no installer to keep ??


@RunHomeSlow ,
Origin displays now twice each of my albums. It displays some albums even 3 or 4 times.
What can I do about it, except trashing the database?

not much except that :frowning:

you do not have a recent database backup?

Did you change hard disc? is that local files only or you are on a nas, you stream?

mac or pc?

No, I forgot your good advice, and did not save a backup.

I’m on a Mac, I did not change any of my hard drives, and even did not add many new albums in the last months.

go in track view, add file location tab… click a song that is double and see path… do you have volume/ in front… the 2 others doubled?

when i have double they usually have a clone path that doesn’t exist…
you can’t do anything except trashing database and start new, or replace with a backup
that i know of…

but don’t trash it, put it outside of the application folder of Audirvana and restart mac… it will built a new one… you suppose to only lost play counts… well all date release before 1970 also if you put them… go also before trashing it in your preferences and backup your playlists… you can restore after

Thank you.
I will trash it, and I will scan the music again during the weekend.

i edit my text after you answer… read again before last reply


Evening @RunHomeSlow

No an update to Studio doesn’t appear to have the option to save the installer, unfortunately

The problem as I see it is that should an exsisting subscriber upgrade and it screws up their system, to enable them to use the software (they’ve subscribed to) whilst awaiting a possible fix, a re-install to a previous ‘good’ version is required.
Obviously not possible if the install file isn’t downlodable, only the latest, non-working version.

@Antoine , If a download page isn’t available online, could we PC users be given the option to SAVE the installer file, as Apple users appear able to do?

On your PC browser you don’t have this option to download in your account ?

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:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

Pulls sheepish grin, backs out of thread :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yes mate, that option is there. Never seen it before.
Perhaps my wife is correct when she says ‘I don’t look past my nose.’

A repository of previous versions for those that “cough” forgot to download a particular version “cough” would still be handy imo.
Also the option to download the install file whilst upgrading from within the software (as I do) would also help.


I told you what that stuff would do to your memory…………didn’t I ? Maybe?:wink:

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Who are you?

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I’m a little bit country, I’m a little bit rock and roll :guitar:

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