Older versions

Where can i get older version of Audirvana. After a crash i lost my app. The new downloads doesn’t work on my computer.
The computer is running latest version of Lion. / Klas


This is the link for the latest version of A+. You just have to change the version numbers at the end to the one you want…
tested with 2.5.3 and it downloaded :slight_smile:



Thank’s a lot. It made my day.
I ended up with version 2.2.6 which seems to be the latest version supporting OSX 10.6, 10.7, 10.8.
It now works very nice. /Dynamitharry

I would like to install an older version of Audirvana that would work on a MacBook Air running 10.7.5. I know that the program can be run with one license on two Macs, but is it possible to run the latest version on my desktop and an earlier version on my Air with one license. Thanks for your help. I am playing with the 30 day trial and am very impressed. The links above have expired.

The links to the older versions don’t works anymore. I need to download the version 3.2.4.
Anyone can help me?

i message you in private…

I have the same exact problem and I need help. I have an older mac running 10.7.5 and I got myself Audirvana + 2.2.5 (The last version I could find, using Wayback Machine. I hear 2.2.6 is the last version supported by 10.7.5, but All the links I can fin are dead. I don’t have a license, but I am willing to purchase one. Can they be retro-fitted? can I buy a license for 3.5 and be generated a 2.X license? Please help me!

My understanding is no you can’t