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I sync my iTunes, but all I got is tracks I own or purchase. My whole Library is over 12,250 tracks, but all I am getting now are just a few hundreds and all were the tracks I purchase or own. I also have Tidal, and that sync well.
Please help…

That’s normal. You can only import the files that are not DRM protected. Those with m4a extension.

that’s suck…so I can only stream with Tidal but not iTunes.

You can stream with iTunes. Just turn on the lagacy mode and use the iTunes interface.

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I turn on Music Integrated Mode (Legacy), than iTunes pop up. I only can play music from my own ripped or purchase. I can not stream any thing else. The song will run play its playing but no sound, and my Denon DAC said USB unsupported.

Sorry, I got it. Some how Audirvana changed the bit-rate to 2ch 32-bit integer 768kHz and that’s why my Denon Dac said it doesn’t supported it. After I change it back to factory recommend at 384kHz, the sounds came back. Now…I don’t think this Music Integrated mode (legacy) is doing anything to render the output. It’s the same as open iTunes itself alone

I thought you want to stream music from Apple Music. For high res files you’re better off importing those directly in Audirvana.

I have Tidal too, but Tidal’s app already have it’s own bit perfect. Only needed for iTunes, but does not work.

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