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I was pleasantly surprised when I found that Audirvana got a new version focusing on one’s own local music library and sold as a one time purchase. Suits me well because I don´t use any streaming services and think that subscriptions aren’t for applications which doesn’t provide content. So I started a Mac trial version and liked what I saw on my main computer where I manage my music library, which is located on a server on my network. OK, so I proceeded with another installation on my headless Mac mini connected to my HiFi-system and is says your session on on the first computer was disconnected automatically. What??? So, I cannot have one installation running on my HiFi-system and at the same time using it on my main computer for checking out new music files, putting in metadata etc? How greedy isn’t that. E.g. if you buy at the Mac App Store you can have multiple installations of the same application. Version 3.5 of Audirvana has two installations, which wasn’t directly generous but acceptable. Think again, if you want satisfied customers! Best regards

Well, it depends how you look at it. Now you can install it on as many computers as you want, not just 2. You can just use it on one at a time.


I have to agree with @bitracer here. This new license (installing it on as many computers as you want) has it advantages too.

And your argument about checking out new files or editing metadata on your main computer… Do you really need Audirvana for that? There are myriads of free programs for editing metadata far better suited (in my opinion) for that purpose. Also, you can check out new files with any (free or built in) audio player. No big obstacles here imo. It seems there are a lot of (even better) ways around your problem. Also your version 3.5 is still usable too on a separate machine. Endless possibilities it seems :wink:

Of course your miles may vary, but I don’t see the new license system as ‘greedy’ but as more flexible for my purposes than the old one. This all in my humble opinion of course :smile:


I have 2 subscriptions to Audirvana Studio, specifically for this reason. So my MacBook Air in the living room can play music all day, and I can also use my M1 MacBook Pro in the office at the same time.

To be honest. Tags editing with AS, and Origin, isn’t that great. I’ve tagged my collection with JRiver over the years. It’s far more flexible.

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OK, I agree that Audirvana is not the best metadata editor. Most of the time I use Yate on Mac from 2manyrobots to change metadata which is a software with almost endless possibilities. However, the advantage of using the same software for managing the music files and playing them is that you get a consistency throughout the library and early spot any mistakes you may have made. Furthermore the HD profile analyser is also something that look promising. And I also agree that there are many possibilities, maybe I run Audirvana 3.5 on one computer and Origin on another, we’ll see. But I don’t think Audirvana gains from setting up restrictions, I just want to listen to my music with the highest possible quality and without being supervised. Btw, who censored this topics title “Greedy license”??? Best regards

It’s not censorship, saying that our system is greedy is a bit too much in my opinion… You gain more flexibility with our new system but I get your point about it. Indeed changing the way we actually proceed will require us a lot of time work, time that will not be used to get more features in the app but we certainly will improve it :wink:

I am happy to have made my point :grinning: Bonne journée, Antoine!

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Certainly all valid points @Jim_F but just to counter point the freedom of speech and included customer feedback is actually quite productive to Audirvāna. Whether they choose to do anything with it is of course up to them, many observations have been shared about this topic and other things that have not been corrected yet (and seemingly swept under some rug ) I suppose I’m just getting to Audirvāna can’t be every thing to everyone but they should listen and try the best they can to support the paying customers that keep the lights turned on.

Edit: The Greedy thing was a bit over the top perhaps :thinking:, got some attention though.


As I said Jim all your points were quite valid, just applying some counterpoise. No offense intended. Have a great day :blush:

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