One track shows up as disc 2

I have a FLAC album (single disc) where track 13 shows up as disc 2 in Audirvana Studio.

As far as I can see in the tags there’s nothing in any disc field on any tracks.

Any ideas? I could upload the album to google drive for you to have a look if that’s ok

Take a screenshot of the metadata of this track.

Hi @romraptor

This happens to me quite a lot.

I go and select all tracks and in meta edit make it 1 disk of 1


I have a similar problem, sometimes when I add a new album to the local library, it happens that the tracks are not from 1 to 10 but scattered 3,5,2,1,7,4 …
Can you write instructions on how to change this in the metadata?

I’m normally do my tagging with JRiver, since it’s way more advanced compared to Audirvana.
But if you select a file in your library and click on Edit metadata. You can set the track numbers and disc numbers for each track as in the example above. So in this case it’s track 6 out of 8, and disc 1 out of 1.

I believe that should do the trick.


I added “1” in the disc field with Yate and saved. Then I removed “1” and saved again. Now it looks as it should in Audirvana.

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