Ongoing clicks/pops with DSD 256

Further to earlier post re stuttering with native DSD 256 files (have abandoned upsampling). I’ve now managed to reduce pronounced stuttering at DSD 256 (late 2016 MacBook Pro/latest version A+/Hugo 2) to occasional random clicks/pops by reducing the track preload buffer to just 256 MB. Various other suggestions have not completely eliminated these initial and playback clicks. The MBP CPU is 2.9 GHx i5 and I can’t see what this shouldn’t be fast enough. Any progress on this issue anyone?

Just posted this as a possible BUG - as I saw your post has no responses.

My memory to A+ always is set at 13312 for 16gb. My DAC maximum out is DSD128
and playing DSD128 load in 5 seconds for a 9 minutes song, never click or pops.
I can’t do DSD256. i have a late 2012 i5 2.5.
Maybe there is an new firmware update for Hugo DAC ?
You have put SysOpt preferences to Extreme and tic all options?
Your sample rate conversion is at SoX or iZotope ? i know you don’t upsample but some thinks this is not only for upsampling, mine is with iZotope.

Thanks once again RHS. Unfortunately, Chord have told me they don’t do software updates for their DACs. All I can say is that the Hugo 2 is very recent purchase. Will try your SysOp setting.

I have extreme settings and DSD256 tracks occasionally hesitate - but 100% always at some point in each track.

It seems marginally but almost categorically better with OS 10.13.4 - anyone else seeing this?

@Antoine i am having a similar issue. There is a click every time I start or stop a dsd track and always a single click between songs. Very annoying and I don’t have this issue with Roon. Using Mac mini to chord qutest dop 1.1. In my case is with any dsd file