Opening a file sometimes means it won't show up in sync

Like many others I love the way Audirvana sounds but I am confused by many aspects of the user interface/experience.

The main peeve I have at the moment is that I have often tried to open a file from an album that hasn’t fully synced yet only to find that when I do that sometimes afterward that file WILL NOT sync for the next MANY iterations of the sync process. It only happens with files I have chosen to play before they were synced - now I have several albums that later synced properly EXCEPT the single track I tried to play. Why is this? Why would a song I’ve previously played not be seen by the sync search the same way as any other song?

To be clear this issue is not universal or permanent - albums this happened with have later corrected themselves but not until hours or days later, even after further tracks in that album have properly automatically synced without my interference (other than to close and re-open the app in an attempt to force a new sync process, which sometimes works but often doesn’t).

Any ideas on how to get around this? Or how to add songs to my library manually without hindering the automatic sync function?

Again this is a feature which to me should simply work as advertised, and like many other users I am perplexed by the absolutely consistent inconsistency in the performance of this function. The idea that it can’t constantly sync immediately when a new file is added is completely understandable, but for it to skip files after multiple “complete” sync passes (as displayed by a roughly meaningless progress bar) just seems like bad form.

Hello @Frekulex,

Have you tried to open the play queue and drag and drop the track you have the issue with to play it?

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