Operation Tidal in Audirvana

Is it possible to make the Tidal interface in Audirvana a little clearer? Maybe a little more intuitive.
It would also be great to see pictures of how it was implemented in Tidal.

As well as to include the controls that Tidal has? Or playlist

If I’m on the road or in the living room and start Tidal and on my iPad, it would be great if I could, for example, select the most recently listened to My mix, or Christmas songs, as well as other recommendations that Tidal brings with it, in Audirvana when I’m sitting at the PC again after dinner.

I have to close Audirvana every time I start Tidal because the PC doesn’t understand that a Dac is connected. If I go to the speaker icon for example and Audirvana is open, I can’t select the Dac where the sound output should take place even after Tidal is started.
Even if there is no music playing in Audirvana.
This is probably intentional because of a hardware conflict from Windows, I suspect.

That’s why it would be great if you could select this in Audirvana as described above, which would probably be the easiest thing to do if it were feasible.

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