Oppo 205 as render not possible

Audirvana in an Imac with Catalina connected to Oppo 205 DAC.
If in Audirvana set up, choose Oppo as a render the System screen does not show MQA logo. If in Audirvana set up choose Oppo as decoder the system screen shows MQA logo.
Audirvana in their last newsletter highly recommends to choose render for all DACS, but in the Oppo case dies not seem possible
Any advice or comments, please.

Hello @Jorgitok, We didn’t recommend to put Renderer for MQA settings in Audirvana for all DAC, we said that it’s depending on every DAC and every manufacturer. For your case your Oppo 205 is a MQA decoder.

Thanks so much for your prompt response. I know how busy you are.