Oppo BDP-103 - no DSD or multichannel

If I select my Oppo BDP-103 as the output device it shows PCM (up to 192kHz) and stereo are supported, but DSD is grayed out. I can however play DSD and multichannel natively using the BubbleUPnP controller app on an old Nexus 7 tablet I have. Why isn’t DSD and multichannel supported by A+ for the same configuration?

Also, why do I have to add the actual music files on my Synology NAS to the A+ library, rather than A+ finding them as UPnP served music content? Or am I completely misunderstanding A+ UPnP support?

What exactly is your Problem???
More Info about Settings … would be nice
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And Please answer my question. Guessing isnt helping here


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Smb protocol??
I choosed ext Disc via fw800 and Backup to the fileserver. I dont use synology. Ms 2012 r2 Server datacenter Edition on hp Server a few Xeon Processor and…