Optical toslink

I’m running Audirvana on a 2012 Mac Mini and have added a second DAC, a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+, connected via an optical cable.
The problem is that the Mytek doesn’t show under the output/devices drop-down.
My other DAC is connected via USB: this appears and works fine.
I would like to compare the Mytek optical combination, hence this post
Any help will be much appreciated

Did you try selecting the built-in output?

I set the Mac Mini’s sound output to the optical outlet and tested it by streaming internet radio from Safari. This worked OK, proving to me that the cable etc is not faulty. Made no difference on Audirvana though and the Mytek was still not detected.
If it’s not possible to use Audirvana via optical I’ll accept that and use USB. But it would be nice to have this confirmed before I give up with it.

if you open audio midi setup, can you see the dac there?

I’ll check this tomorrow.

The DAC in question doesn’t show up under audio midi. Perhaps an optical cable isn’t as “smart” as a USB cable, because I can play music over from the Mac but just not via Audirvana.
If anyone is streaming Audirvana from a Mac your thoughts would be helpful.

If you select “built-in output” your Mac should output both over analog 3.5mm jack and tosilink if available. Have your tried to do that?

That’s sorted it! Many thanks for this, really appreciated.

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