Option "Grouping" only working on FLAC-files?

I’m using “Grouping” to make certain selections. I found out that the Grouping selection options only work on Flac-files.
Is that correct ?

Hello @JvI,

Can you check if you have the grouping metadata filled in the tracks that are not FLAC?

Yes, I filled in the matadata. By the way, I also found that the grouping option is not working on WAV- and AIF-files.
Is that helpfull for you ?

Do you mean you can’t fill the field or it’s not filtered at all if you use the grouping filter option?

I use MP3Tag to fill the field in but it’s indeed not filtered at all in Audirvana (3.5 and Studio).

Have you tried to click on the sync button in Studio settings so the metadata changed made outside of Studio are applied in it?

Yes, more then once (I also removed the whole library, closed Studio, opened Studio, added the library again); no result.

Okay, I will send you a link to upload your database so we can take a look at it.

DB uploaded (by the way, I’m on Windows).

Do you mean grouping in th way, that for example 2 different symphonies build 2 groups for 8 tracks?
On Mac this works for aiff-files. Wav-files I don’t have.

I use grouping for selection of files with the same resolution-level e.g. MR=medium resolution (Flac 44.1 & 48 kHz), HR=high resolution (Flac above 48 kHz). I wanted to do something simular for MP3-files.

I uploaded some files to show how the tagging results trough different tagging programs.

Hello @JvI,

The metadata you have from MP3Tag are not compliant, I can see this using Yate:


The JRiver and Picard are good:

|ingMP3 (JRiver). |

This one is not compliant as it use GRP1 and not TIT1:

|.3. .(.M.P.3.t.a.g.)|

thanks for analyzing this. So for grouping-tagging of MP3-files I will use JRiver or Picard.