Option to delete from disk, not just library

When deleting a track from library, I would like an option to additionally delete it from disk as well

Hi @hifime,

When you delete a track in Audirvāna, the track is stored in a recycle bin where you can restore or delete the track (this time from your computer).

Oh I see. I didn’t realize AS has its own recycle bin, and I need to empty THAT, which then goes to the system recycle bin. A bit confusing, since when you delete a track, it says

Do you want to delete 1 track(s) from Audirvāna’s local library?
(The audio file(s) are not deleted)

which gives impression the file is not marked for deletion at all and you need to manually delete it in Finder.

Maybe the message should say “The audio file(s) will be moved to Audirvana’s recycle bin.”

I get your point, a rewording is necessary here.