Option to display the quality of artists' albums and censored versions

make a choice to display the quality of artist albums, it seems to me that in the future it would be good to have the opportunity for artists to show albums only in FLAC or hi-res quality, without mqa, or for example, censored versions so that they are not displayed, this is also disturbing and very distracting

You would filter out music that is censored? On what grounds?

By censored, you mean explicit content?

Surely self-censorship is the way.
If an album has explicit content, and ypou don’t like explicit content ( whatever that means, other than the music industry trying to shut down hip-hop/rap, back in the day ) then don’t buy or download it.

I mean that when I open a list of an artist’s albums, it often happens that he has two versions, the album censored and the original, I would like to see only the original

for example, looking at future’s albums, there’s a whole bunch of them, it looks like spam and your eyes run wild, I’d like to see only the original and the album and that’s it, in the end, even 5 copies of one album looks like a mess, maybe there’s a problem on tidal’s part

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it’s the same here and so many places, I just want to see one album and that’s it, in the end it’s a whole list that just takes up a lot of space

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I can only assume that Tidal is a complete mess with the multiple MQA versions and the FLAC redbook and HiRes versions.

Are you looking for an option to filter the album display by resolution and file type?

I don’t really understand what you mean by ‘censored’.

I now see what you mean by ‘Censored’. To be honest, I didn’t even know it existed. Seems like something for the American market to me.

It certainly is chaos.


If I understand correctly, the Tidal app only shows 1 version. And people are not happy with that. They want to be able to choose which quality. And users of 3th party software are disappointed with the 20 versions of 1 album.

It’s interesting what Audirvana has to show. There must then be a priority list. Hi-res, MQA, redbook. And censored or not. And then it’s probably still not good.

We have an interesting question.

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yes, friend, you understood everything correctly, I would just like everything to be in order, audirvana shows too many versions, including with and without censorship and different quality, and in the end it all takes up a lot of space since many copies of one album are created, some of them they even have the same quality but are still duplicated, many artists have this problem, I should have reported this earlier

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It seems difficult to me, but @Antoine can probably say something about that, Tidal seems to be making a mess of it. Now the question is which version is Audirvana going to display and based on what condition?

Showing everything is easy, but it is difficult to determine the only correct album you want to see.

I would like to see the version with the highest DR number.

@GucciBoss, I remember I already talked about this with Damien, I know tidal need to do an update of their API for their partners when the Hires will be available for us. When it will be available, we can probably look at this at the same time. However I can’t give you an ETA for it.

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yes, I thought it was related to the tidal API, thanks anyway, I’ll be looking forward to the update

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