Option to ignore .cue files?

Hello. I have a library with ~4,000 albums, sorted on my NAS with folder structure Album Artist/Album. Around a dozen of these Album folders contain .cue files alongside the music files (usually FLAC, sometimes dsf or mp3). For some reason only one .cue file is being scanned into Audirvana Origin. (I don’t know why it is scanned while the others aren’t.) Is there a way to ignore all .cue files during scanning? If not, could this be a feature?

Thank you.

If the scan is blocked by this cue sheet, it’s maybe because there is an issue with it. Are you on Windows or MacOS?

I’m on Mac OS Ventura 13.0.1 (latest). I don’t think that the scan is being blocked because I have the correct number of tracks + 1 (this particular .cue sheet).

I’ll attach a couple of files here. The offending .cue sheet is “Gaucho.” An example of a .cue sheet that isn’t read into Audirvana is “August.”

(Hmm, it looks like I can’t upload these files here for some reason. Maybe a file type restriction?)

Thanks for your help.

You won’t be able to send it on the forum but you can send it at support@audirvana.com. If the files are above 20MB, please send a mail and I will give you a link to upload them :wink:

Thank you Antoine. I just sent the .cue files to support@audirvana.com.