Option to Ignore "The" in Artist Names

I’d like to see an option in the “Sort Criteria” to allow the word “The” at the beginning of artist names to be ignored for sorting purposes. Example: “The Eagles” should sort under the letter “E” instead of the letter “T”.

Such a small thing.
Otherwise, thanks for building a great audio application. Really nice to see people who know what they’re doing making good products in this space.


See here:

GregHudgins: You put it better than I did, and thanks also to RunHomeSlow. A “small thing” indeed…

In general I agree that it would be great to have that option, including other languages’ articles, but you can help yourself if you are familiar with editing your music file’s tags: You can put the artist’s sorting name in there (don’t know the English tag name, chould be something with sorting and artist) and Audirvana will group your artist accordingly. Also I found a field within the artist section in Audirvana where you can type in the sorting name of an artist. But I don’t know if this alters the real file’s tags or the database entries.

Hope that helps!

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