Option to not search radios and podcasts

Hello! I will never use radios and podcasts with Audirvana.

The addition of these features does nothing except cause frustration and poor user experience.

For example, I wish to listen to Horace Silver. I search for “horace” and Horace Silver from my local library appears, but when I go to click it, all of a sudden the radio and podcast results are inserted into the UI and push what I actually want to the right. This causes me to click the jazz radio option which has appeared under my mouse pointer. See animation:
CleanShot 2021-12-30 at 13.02.41

Click on the magnifying glass next to radio and podcast to exclude them from search results. It doesn’t hold this setting but it’s a start


With the latest 1.9 update of Audirvāna Studio, it should :wink:

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Hello @Antoine, That will be a welcome feature. Thanks for the info.

@Antoine @OffRode

It is not completly true Antoine. It work effectively until you quit the application. When you re-open it, it is lost. It should be considered like a configuration parameter.
Happy New Year’s Eve to all


I would just like to add that, ideally, the feature to disable radios and podcasts would completely remove those sections from the sidebar area.

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@Antoine told me in an other post that as we are several asking for it , the sidebar will be configurable in a future update.


That’s correct it doesn’t stay deselected upon next launch, perhaps a bit of confusion about this

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