Option to stream the original format

@Antoine When streaming HighRes FLAC to an UPNP/DLNA streamer, Audirvana is uncompressing the music and streams the uncompresses PCM HighRes audio to the streamer. Although I understand that this is Audirvana’s main feature with all kinds of options to choose from, it doesn’t let me switch off the conversion and forward the original format to the streamer.

Is this causing some sort of an issue to you? Which streamer is that?

No issue, it’s just that my Naim Uniti Nova sounds better when the original FLAC is streamed to it.

In that case it might make more sense to share and map the folder directly on Unity.

Not if streamed from Qobuz on MacOS where the Qobuz app doesn’t fully support UPNP/DNLA (unstable and without volume control) and the Naim App doesn’t run.

Naim announced that an updated Qobuz support is coming soon. Maybe you can skip the UPnP part altogether.

Naim has Qobuz and Tidal (with basic MQA) support in their newer streamers and in the Naim iOS and Android apps for a couple of months. But they have no MacOS app and while the Qobus app on MacOS has a nice UI it does not fully support DNLA/UPNP (no volume control and unstable). That‘s why am streaming with Audirvana when I am using the MacBook.

When we send the audio to your UPnP device, it is sent in WAV format which means we do not touch the quality of the track when it is sent.

I agree that it shouldn’t make a difference and I cannot explain the reason, but surprisingly I can hear a difference and the FLAC on the Nova sounds better.

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