Organise albuns by year

Hello, Audirvana decides to organise my library at random. I would like to organize it by year. Can anybody help?

Sort Criteria - and the 12 current options therein, is the way forward with this from within your Album view as well as within Playlists.

Still hoping for a Shuffle by Album solution at some point to get past/extend beyond these limitations as, even when there is no selected criteria, there is still some default sorting going on which appears to reflect your folder(?) name structure and content.

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Lots of sort options where the arrow (see below) is pointing (including year):

Just click the sort criteria as in the picture above and you can add/modifiy/remove sort options. Don’t forget to click ‘Save for All’ after you are done.
Also, try to explore the other options next to the sort criteria. You will find filter options etc.

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Thank you, PasDeDeux, but take a look at my answer bellow, please. It seems that the display “Artists” gives no option for organizing it by year…

Thank you for your answer, Andy. At the selection “Albums” I understood and everything is OK, now. But when I press “Artists” I cannot organize it by the year… Actually, I’m afraid there’s no such an option…

Take a look at my Nina Simone discography. The order decreases and then grows again.

There are some problems to organise albums by years with the current AS version (1.14.0) :
1- For a mix of streamed and local albums in MyMusic , “released date” item in the menu sorts by year using the “release date” of the album and not the “original release date” : for example, the Grateful Dead album Europe’72 has been remastered and re-released a few weeks ago, the released date is 07/2022 , If I sort using “release date” , it appears in 2022 .I would also have the ability to sort with the “original release date” that is 1972 .
=> need the ability to sort MyMusic albums as today by “release date” but also to sort them by “original release date”
2- for streamed albums (Qobuz in my case), there no ability to tune the sorting. In particular Favorites albums cannot be sorted by “released date”. This is surprising because , it is possible in to do so in MyMusic for the same streamed album.
=> need the ability to sort Qobuz Favoirtes by “release date” and by “original release date”
3- for Local album , there is the ability to sort by “year” . It seems that it is a sort by “release date” (why changing the name ?!) and there is no ability to sort by “original release date” . Surprisingly , when displaying the track of an album there is a column “original release date” but the displayed value is not the “original release date” but the date of the “release date”
=> need the ability to sort local albums by “release date” and by “original release date”
=>need to correct the display of the value in the column of the “original release date” in the track display of an album
=>need to have consistent naming between “year” and “release date”

I think these inconsistencies greatly affect the ease of use of the product.

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Hello @Antoine ,
You said 9 days ago concerning local albums on the user voice audirvana forum section:

I understand and I will see why we have done this before going any further.

What is the result of your analysis ? Will you correct ?