Organising music files

I am new here, so please forgive errors. I want to ask about Library
Management withOUT iTunes, but there wasn’t such a category.

I want to move away from iTunes altogether. I have made copies of all my
music files and organised them into four genre-specific folders (Classical, Pop, Theatre and Christmas), which I have placed in Users/Bill Montgomery/Library/Music (which is otherwise empty). I have made
four entries in Audirvana in the music library location area, one for
each of these folders, and they have auto synched.

I had hoped that this would result in an Audirvana view of these four
folders as pseudo-separate libraries, but instead the folder structure
is ignored and all the music files appear, organised correctly as
albums, at the top level.

Moreover, when I go into each of these albums, every track is

Clearly I am doing something wrong. Perhaps to achieve my aim I need to
create four genre playlists?

Since I am only just beginning, it is easy for me to scrap what I have
done so far and start again. But I would like advice on the genre
separation, and on how to avoid the track duplication.

I am working on a headless mac mini running os10.14 or os10.15 which I remote on to from a desktop iMac. Once set up, I will run Audirvana from my iPad using Audivarana Remote.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @BillMontgomery and welcome to the Audirvana community forum :slight_smile:

The issue comes from iTunes that duplicates the audio files when importing them, unless a setting in its advanced preferences is unselected:

The solution is then to either only synchronize the iTunes library, and not the folder that contains the original audio files (before being duplicated by iTunes in its iTunes media folder), or to synchronize only the folders containing the original audio files. (Options in the Library page of Audirvana preferences)

In addition, you may want to delete one copy of these duplicated files by iTunes to reclaim disk space…

I am not using iTunes at all in the move to Audirvana. I have simply copied the actual music files and placed them in the new location. The tracks are NOT duplicated within the original music files.

Sorry, but multiple libraries/collections/call-them-whatever is the number one missing feature of Audirvana, it just bundles everything into one massive heap. Top one on my wishlist of Big Things.

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