Organizing Library

If Audirvana has one flaw it’s its poor organizational scheme.

It says I can sort on recently added but fail to do so.

My problem: I have over 300 Grateful Dead releases. As I rip more I can not find them in the library. I just ripped one and it doesn’t show up anywhere! No search finds it!

Seriously! A simple recently added option since these are generaly what we want to hear NOW is essential!

IF I’m implementing wrong I apologize but have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find ripped albums.

Thanks for any help!



Just do it yourself… ‘Recently added’ smart playlist…

  • sign in left bottom window of A+
    and put the option you want for it… 1 day, 2 months…

Date added
is in the last

sorry i can’t add pictures… board is loaded?
Damien… is your server full ?

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