Organizing my library

I’m new to Audirvana; my trial began a few days ago.

How do I combine tracks that belong in one album but are scattered among multiple versions of the same album?

How do I delete multiple copies of the same song?

How do I move tracks around in a play list to get them in the order I want?

I believe a good start could be to use a good software to curate your music files metadata. Once this is done, you will notice a vast improvement, even if it may require a reset of your database.

Any suggestions for this software that I would need to install to resolve these problems?

It’s a shame that this process (i.e., adding software to the mix) would even be necessary. I’m been a long-time user of iTunes which easily allowed me to do all of the things I need to do with Audirvana to organize my music files.

When I started ripping my CDs more than 20 years ago, iTunes helped rip and feed the metadata, but very many CDs at the time would have to be dealt with by hand, especially classical music.
Being equipped with Mac computers. I use “Tag Editor” to amend and manage my music files metadata, but if your music collection is vast, it will be a longer term effort on your part.

Others might suggest Yate, or Picard/MusicBrainz, but I do not have any experience of those.

Hopefully someone else can let you know what is available on Windows.

Hi @wallking

I listen mostly to albums, classical, half MY LIBRARY ripped from CD through XLD.

FIRST of all it was a pain to do this after ripping but eventually I have managed to rearrange all my metadata to show all albums correctly.

I learned to do a lot in XLD before the rip.

Then, and because I missed a lot before I knew anything, I fixed everything in Audirvana.

It’s time consumming and means sometimes alter metadata in Audirvana, deleting the file from Audirvana and resubmitting the altered file so Audirvana indexes properly.

Double CDs were always a problem, even in digital downloads this has been problematical.

My reading of this forum tells me many people use editors outside of Audirvana but I could never get that to work. Also, this forum tells me that there are many different experiences to mine. So my curating solution I put out there is really suiting me, others may not find it so.

Metadata is not standardised in the industry (very frustrating) and every time I add an album I edit the metadata to suit my self:

Many tracks have a one line of artists, which I seperate.

Genre is usually not to my liking.

Sorting field for all my albums is by composer/first track composer.

Orchestra, conductor, soloists, chamber groups and individual chamber players all are seperated.

It’s all done now with each album added, as I said before, but it took weeks to get it right for my albums. YES, I now have four backup seperate hard discs all backed up by hand.

Yes, I know. Who has the time? I do.