Origin 2.1 became terrible slow

After the new updated version (Origin 2.1/ A MacBook Pro M1 max 64 GB/ Monterey 12.6), adding new music has become extremely slow.

If I add the discs one by one to the local library(i mean my HDD), than the last added content is not always or at all updated, just only penultimate (this does not was visible in Origin, but i already added it previously to the local library). If I add a new one, it usually refreshes only the previously added or extremely slowly 1CD for approx. 3-10 minutes!!! Its very strange…

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Hello @szablyaakos,

Have you tried to reboot your Mac?

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yes i tried, but it is not working. I added now 3 discs and it is syncing for 20-25 minutes and still have not appeared in the library after finished (no syncing purple line)

After 15 minutes started to resync and the 3 discs appeared

and one more thing after launch Origin does not start to sync automatically (but picked the sync folder option)

@Antoine if you need log files pls ask it

have you tried the maintenance options of the database?

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Can you try to open Audirvāna Origin using Terminal? You can find it under the Utilities folder in Application.
We recommend you to copy and paste each line one at a time and press return each time you paste a line:

cd ..
cd ..
Applications/Audirvana\ Origin.app/Contents/MacOS/Audirvana\ Origin

Not yet for this issue. I will use it. thanks

@Antoine i restarted my mbp and found the missing cd in a wrong location that’s why i didn’t find and think it not appeared in the library. The Origin put into already another existing album - the name of the album was same, but the artists/genre was different so i don’t understand why was putting there.

I can’t understand your suggestion: (terminal is ok, sometimes i use it) , but what should i have to paste there? the missing cd’s name? or “Applications/Audirvana\ Origin.app/Contents/MacOS/Audirvana\ Origin”?

You don’t add anything, run the command line exactly as you see it.

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I have done. nothing happened

Can you send a screenshot of the content you have in the folder of this album? I would like to know if this album is in the same folder as SHOWS.

They are in own different folders of my 27/30 hard disc and in same subfolders

Many times AO made like this :frowning: :confused: two different cd has the same album name, but everything else is different: artist, bitrate, genre, add date, but puts them in the same location, into for an already added existing cd, yet